Chicoco Collective provides accessible media and design facilities, services and products to underserved urban groups living in Port Harcourt’s self-built waterfront settlements, home to over half a million people in Nigeria’s oil capital.

Culture Custodian is a youth media organisation in Nigeria that focuses on collecting, curating and sharing the stories and events that matter to the Nigerian and African millennial. Through an incisive and cross-cutting array of text-based and audio-visual content, they delve into the intricacies of politics, policies, music, fashion, pop culture, technology and many other salient issues.

Dataphyte is a media, research, and analytics company deploying data tools and technology for the socio-economic development of Nigeria and beyond.

Dubawa is a West African independent verification and fact-checking project which helps amplify the culture of truth in public discourse, public policy and journalistic practice. Through media literacy articles, fact-checks, explainers, fact sheets and online/offline engagement, Dubawa seeks to encourage a more engaged and information-literate citizenry who can make informed decisions about issues that affect their development.

Edugist is an independent impact media telling the story of education in Africa on air, online, in communities and in person. They seek to lead and drive a new educational conversation using technology and media. Edugist is a community for education news, with an audience that includes all stakeholders: students, teachers, parents and policy-makers with influence on the education industry.

Farming Farmers Farms is an agricultural-based newspaper that works to promote the cause of agriculture in Nigeria through specialized reporting and journalism by providing real-time information through online publishing.

FIJ is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that combats injustice, holds power to account and speaks for the voiceless. FIJ seeks to uncover the truth by neutralising propaganda and making it accessible to the public in a way that eases and influences their everyday decision-making.

HumAngle is a niche media platform committed to insightful and objective coverage of Africa’s humanitarian, conflict and development issues. Their primary duty is to investigate, analyse and report conflict issues in a sensitive, in-depth and human-centred manner. HumAngle helps to paint accurate pictures of crises and how they affect different communities and demographics. is a community news platform that covers politics, business, and culture in Ikeja local government. The news-gathering process involves producing in-depth, nonpartisan reporting on politicians, business owners, and culture makers in Ikeja local government.

Lavun Radio; Nigeria’s first community radio station gives farmers a vehicle to share agricultural, health and education information with both the local community and throughout Niger State. The station helps to create awareness of the agricultural value chain, health programs, educational awareness and promote peace and unity among the communities it reaches.

Prime Progress is a solutions-focused online media documenting how people and groups respond and solve humanitarian, economic and social problems in Nigeria. Prime Progress aims to inspire hope and encourage citizens to start thinking about solutions and to get involved in development endeavours.

Solacebase is a development-centred and solutions-driven media platform that contributes to strengthening Nigeria’s democracy, as well as advance the socio-economic wellbeing and rights of the people through investigative and data-driven journalism.

TV360 is an exclusively online based television news channel whose goal is to keep people always informed so that they can use the information to form opinions, take decisions and ultimately help to build a better and democratic society.

Voix Collective is a podcast production company using the power of audio to document and tell immersive African Stories. Voix Collective is on a mission to deliver great narrative and journalism podcasts from the African perspective, while curating a diverse portfolio of compelling African audio content that is globally acclaimed.