Enter NAMIP's Sustainability Challenge for Nigerian Media

Applications are now open for the Sustainability Challenge for Nigerian media. Winners will be awarded up to $50,000 for their project and join NAMIP’s innovation and capacity building program that extends up till 2024.

The Sustainability Challenge is seeking applications from media organisations focused on resolving or enhancing their “organizational sustainability” by building innovative news and information products that:

  • Explore opportunities to reach and connect with broader audiences through digital platforms and technologies; and
  • Develop new revenue generation opportunities or sustainable business models.

Successful applicants will benefit from up to $50,000 for their project and have access to a range of capacity building activities, including targeted and bespoke training, one-on-one coaching, as well as joining NAMIP’s supportive community of like-minded organisations.

We encourage applications from existing independent media companies, non-profit media and new ventures who have projects or news products that address one or more of the following focus areas:

Digital native products: Do you employ new and innovative approaches to collecting news and information, and to reporting, storytelling and distribution, that embrace the possibilities of technology?

Reaching rural communities: Are you developing or have developed innovative approaches to reach and empower people outside of major urban areas, and those generally under-served by existing news media?

Technology innovation for distribution: Are you developing or have developed new media technology that distributes local news in a cost-effective and sustainable way?

New Revenue opportunities: Do you explore innovative solutions to revenue challenges that media companies face – how can we open up new revenue streams to make media organisations more sustainable and independent?

Transition to digital: Are you finding and implementing solutions, products or processes that assist legacy media to transform their businesses?

Who are we looking for?

  • You could be an existing independent media company, a non-profit or a new venture that is just kicking off.
  • We are looking for mission-driven companies and organisations passionate about trying new approaches to local news and information.
  • We encourage applicants who don’t have traditional journalism and media backgrounds, particularly from the areas of technology, design and business.
  • We also encourage applicants with independent radio (both community and commercial radio) and TV platforms who are developing unique strategies to reach their audiences to apply.
  • Note: participants who applied in the first call but were not successful are still eligible to apply again.

The deadline for this funding cycle is midnight on 28th February 2023

There will be a virtual Q&A session to help provide further clarity on the call and program. To participate in that session, REGISTER HERE. Pending that call, please read the FAQs below.



What type of organizations are invited to apply?

Online publications, unconventional and innovative information products, also broadcast organizations like radio stations and other sub regional (outside Abuja and Lagos) organizations are encouraged to apply.

What qualifies as an independent media organisation?

Independent media organisations are mission-driven companies and organisations that are passionate about trying new approaches to local news and information. They provide the news and information that people need to have a say in how their cities, regions and countries are run. They expose corruption; hold authorities to account; and provide a platform for debate. They also are independent of any interest groups especially vested political and big business interests.

What constitutes a project for NAMIP?

A project can be one or more news products your organisation is developing or has developed. It can also be your organisation’s overall strategy as it aligns with NAMIP’s thematic areas.

What should my project proposal contain?

Your proposal should outline a clear goal(s), focus areas and how it aligns with NAMIP’s thematic areas. It should also have a clear impact on the organization’s revenue ambitions.

What makes up my organisation’s total revenue in the last financial year?

This should include a summary of all inflow including businesses conducted, grants, donations, etc.

Who reviews the application?

Each NAMIP application goes through a rigorous selection process with final decisions made by NAMIP’s Advisory Committee, appointed by the MDIF Board of Directors.

When will I hear back regarding my application?

Accepted applicants will have been contacted by late April 2023

Can a fresh start up apply?

Yes. However, some demonstrable work and evidence is required. Alongside clear product plans. The track record of the founders/team also counts.

Can a non-traditional media-tech company apply?

Yes. If it explores opportunities to reach and connect with broader audiences through digital platforms and technologies; or develop new revenue generation opportunities or sustainable business models.

Can non-Nigerian media organizations apply?

No. The scope of NAMIP is country-specific to Nigeria in terms of serving Nigerian audiences. The organization itself may be registered abroad if there is a reasonable explanation.