The Nigeria Media Innovation Program, an MDIF initiative set up to support the editorial independence of media organisations by strengthening their financial sustainability, is announcing a Media Product Fellowship. This four-month-long programme is designed to build the product thinking, execution and business development capacity of upcoming media practitioners as well as assist newsrooms on the road to sustainability by embedding these Fellows in their newsrooms.

Purpose of the Fellowship

The intervention is necessitated by the dearth of specific product and targeted business skills to serve independent media organisations. Thus, the purpose of the fellowship is to build these skills among media professionals at almost foundational level.

What to expect from the fellowship.

Fellows selected into the program will spend three weeks doing intense, practical learning on the designated courses intended to build and strengthen capacity in the area of media product and business development. Thereafter they will be deployed to newsrooms where they will be required to practically deploy skills from the training sessions and contribute to the organisation’s growth for three months.

Who is it for (Criteria and Eligibility)?

This fellowship is for early to mid-stage media professionals who have a good understanding of journalistic best practices but wish to strengthen their knowledge of the news product strategy and media business.

Specifically; candidates must:

  • Have at least 3 years of experience working or interfacing in the media space or related fields.
  • Be able to participate full-time in a three-week long training program.
  • Be able to possibly intern in media organisations for at least 3 months.
  • Share a 500-word essay outlining an understanding of the media landscape, challenges, and the prospects and how a news product and business mindset can strengthen independent media organisations in Nigeria.

Application details.

Apply by filling the form HERE.

Application closes on the 10th of June 2023 and successful candidates will be contacted by the end of June 2023.